Young Generation Awareness

Recognizing the importance of the new generations in shaping the next world involvement in international Humanitarian Aid & Relief, IACO undertook the mission to disseminate and promote between students the knowledge exchange in regards to the UN, INGOs and other international organizations. This project aim to create a strategical information platform for raising the students awareness and involvement with Aid & Relief organizations. The objective of the initiative is to engage faculty members and students to participate in the develop of an information network to raise awareness of the international Aid & Relief organizations in academic groups and encourage them to participate in field work in local and global undeserved communities. Volunteering or training in the international organizations, students gain greater awareness and understanding of global human development challenges and become empowered to take action in their local and global activity throughout their future careers.

At the very early stage of the initiative, the active engagement and participation of students in the project was seen as fundamental to its success. This philosophy guided the initial launch and the gradual shift from IACO-directed to student-driven with IACO support over time. In August 2016, a Student Advisory Committee was formed, including at least 60% of the students with international academic curricula. The student committee provides suggestions and requirements to address the project to suit the students needs and expectations. The committee is also committed to finding models for expanding student participation, especially through the use of videos, social media and experience sharing.

In 2017 IACO is expanding its infrastructure to host dedicated Big Data for this program to provide accessible information services.