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Thank you for submitting your company's products for our consideration. They will be reviewed within 7 working days by our sourcing staff who will then contact you.

The submission of your products does not automatically grant you approved supplier status with IACO. In case of interest your products will be added to our database of potential suppliers to IACO and IACO Partners; IACO Procurement Services uses this database to find potential suppliers to meet the expressed needs of the international community working in Humanitarian Aid & Relief, and development.

All small business and diversity-owned companies are also encouraged to register in IACO.

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Exclusionary criteria: IACO will not accept applications from companies that produce or trade in weapons and munitions; tobacco; or gambling. Companies that trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, or that are subject to sanction by the UN Security Council, or suspension from the Procurement Division of the UN, will not be accepted as IACO suppliers.