The IACO Governance structure has been established to ensure the transparency and independence of IACO’s strategy and activities and explain the relations between the bodies to our core stakeholder and donors.


The Governance structure consists of the following bodies:

  • Sector Ambassadors
  • The IACO Steering Group
  • The IACO Secretariat
  • Core Programme Boards
  • Independent Funding Committees
  • The Programme Management groups


Sector Ambassadors

They represent the Private Sector among the IACO Members by section (Water & Sanitation, Nutrition,...) and consult the Secretariat about the cooperation possibilities in accordance to IACO scopes. They also serve the other Members related to their area providing guidance and representation in IACO.

Steering Group

The purpose of the IACO Steering Group to provide through independent experts in different fields a strategic oversight of IACO’s positioning, governance and strategic direction for the welfare of the stakeholder community.

The Secretariat

The IACO Secretariat work with the Sector Ambassadors and the Steering Group in developing and delivering the IACO Strategy.


Founding Committes

The Founding Committes are represented by individuals or corporate that provide independent asset for implementing IACO programmes. Members of the Founding Committes are expected to conduct their duties in respect of IACO Principles of Partnership.

Programs Management Group

The Management Group are put in place by IACO for every project implemented under the programs. These groups joins several individuals and organizations both internal and external for the IACO projects implementation.