Dedicated to our members' growth and prosperity, the International Aid Cooperation Organization (IACO International) welcome new organizations to join our network.

We can help you achieve your strategic objectives, make connections that matter, and put the industry’s most powerful insights, resources and tools at your fingertips.

Member Benefits

International Aid Cooperation Organization (IACO International) members benefit from industry research, operational and technical support services, high-level training, networking services and events.

  • Paid members will have access to online portals where the latest studies and innovations on aid relief and development around the world are readily available, as well as monthly newsletters, and a regular information updates tackling key industry opportunities and challenges.
  • IACO International’s promoted events provide members with high-level business development and strategic networking opportunities with peers, consultants, service-providers, policy makers, multi-lateral organizations and key business decision makers from around the world.
  • Members will also benefit from a number of support services and educational tools, delivered through a range of workshops and online webinars throughout the year.

Membership Levels

Membership of the International Aid Cooperation Organization (IACO International) is open to both individuals and entities (public or private) that prove interest in the promotion and implementation of the SDGs in the private sector, in any country recognized as a UN member. There are three types of membership categories:

Associate and Partner memberships are open to entities, government, quasi-government or non-government organizations working in Humanitarian Aid Relief and Development, or in support of the SDGs, who will be individually invited to participate in the activities of the association by the Board of Directors.

Associate members will have access to selected Services, including access to the Innovations Platform, IACO data and statistics and IACO networking events, however, they will not have voting rights in the General Assembly.

Full membership is open to companies which have outstanding records in sustaining the SDGs. They will have access to the full range of IACO International services.

Full members will also be afforded full voting rights, enabling them to contribute to decisions around Board Member appointments within the IACO’s General Assembly, which takes place on a yearly basis at the Annual Conference.

Protective or Sponsor memberships are open to entities who supports the IACO organization and its activities.

These members will have access to the information regarding the projects in which they are involved, including the voting rights in the specific Project Committee.